1.  Girl Babies Get Their Period.

Shocking! Yet true. When babies are in the womb, they absorb their mom’s hormones. So, after they’re born they’ve got some estrogen to sort through. This means that girl babies shed their uterine lining leading to what scientists call a mini period– However, this is totally normal.

2.  Boy Babies Get Erections.


New born boys still hold on to a little extra fluid and hormone surges from the day of their birth. These are perfectly normal much like a grown male MORNING WOOD. A boy baby’s erection is his body’s way of turning up his nervous system.

3. Babies Eyes Are About 75% of Their Adult Size.


Upon birth, babies vision is 20/400 (extremely near sighted), but by the time they’re six months old, it should be 20/20. This mean a babies eyes increase only 25% after birth.

4. Famous Premature Babies

Famous premature babies who went on to be recognized all over the world include: Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Issac Newton, Jean-Jacques, Pablo Picasso, Auguste Renoir, Stevie Wonder and Sir Winston Churchill.

5. Babies Stare At You While They Sleep.


There is nothing more peaceful than sleeping babies. Especially because they are not crying or disturbing at that time. But you might notice babies sleep differently as most times they stare at you while sleeping.

6. The Likelihood of Having  Twins Around The World Varies.


The western region of Africa is naturally prone to twins. For example in Nigeria, the odds of having twins are 20-1. In Asia (JAPAN) however,the odds are 200-1 (lesser odds of having twins).

7. High Heart Beats.

At the instance of birth, a baby’s heart beat is at 180 pulse per minute. This drops to 140 pulse/min within hours. At about 1 year old, the infant heart rate is 115 beats per minute. (An adult heart beats at 70-80/minute)

8. Babies Prefer Female Voices.

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Babies prefer female voices to a male baritone voice. This Phenomenon is sometimes called “Motherese“. This is probably why people find themselves talking in high-pitched tones when they are around babies.

9.  Breathing

Babies can breath and swallow at the same time; an act we all know adults are incapable of. This simultaneous breathing and swallowing lasts until about seven months of age.

10.  The Youngest Mother


Lina Medina, a 5 year old Peruvian girl, was the youngest person to ever give birth. She gave birth to a boy on may 14, 1939. She’s now 82 years old.



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