The legal system can seem confusing enough as it is, but when crazy laws are thrown into the equation it makes you wonder what laws you may have unknowingly broken in your time. Every country has its ridiculous laws. Here are ten of the best.

1. Can’t Be Visibly Sick In Washington


You are not allowed to be visibly sick in Washington DC, the United States Capitol City. You are not allowed to walk about if you got a common cold or demonstrate any kind of sickness. Crazy right? The exposing contagious disease section of the Washington State Legislative states that “penalty will be imposed if a person exposes someone to sickness without their knowledge”. Basically, it’s advisable to remain indoors or call your doctor after the first sign of illness.

2. Illegal to Educate Dogs?



I still cannot believe this myself, but in Hartford Connecticut, it’s actually illegal to educate dogs. Ever! They didn’t however specify why. In the same town in Connecticut, it is also illegal to kiss your wife on a Sunday. Really? Why?

3. Don’t Pay


In Denmark, you don’t have to pay for food unless you are full. The law states that “one may not be charged for food unless the person considers himself to be full”. Are you considering traveling to Denmark yet?

4. Females Don’t Drive In Saudi Arabia.


This is still a very ridiculous law especially now that 78% percent of women in the world today can drive.  Women in Saudi Arabia have to find drivers for themselves or get relatives to drive them.

5. Illegal To Leave Your House Without An Underwear


In Thailand, it’s illegal to go out without an underwear. This Thai law strictly states that “everyone in public must be wearing underwear even if they are wearing other items of clothing to cover their modesty”

6. Illegal To Be Fat


Japan is known for it’s belt population, but i never realized this was because it’s illegal to be fat. This law was passed in 2009 and states that “every man aged 14 over must not have a waist measuring 80 cm or above and every woman 90 cm or above”

7. Illegal To Be Drunk And In Charge Of A Horse/Cow


In Scotland, since 1872 it has been illegal or an offence to be intoxicated and in charge of a horse or cow. Offenders could risk jail terms of up to 3 months.

8. Illegal Not To Smile In Millan


In Milan, Italy it’s illegal not to smile if you are a citizen. However, you are excused if attending a funeral or visiting someone sick. Other than that, frowning in public could attract a hefty fine.

9. No Honking


In New York City, it’s illegal to honk your horn. This may seem crazy but in reality, anything that helps quieting down one of the worlds largest city can’t be such a bad thing. If you can’t control your road rage, you risk paying a $350 fine- which probably won’t help your anger.

10. This Is Insane.


In Egypt, article 237 of the Egyptian panel code allows for a lesser punishment for men who kill their wives than for other forms of murder. According to this law, “the lives of women are worth less than those of men”

The good news however is that laws can change, since 2000, more than 40 countries have repealed laws that discriminate against women and hopefully, that number will grow continually.

There are more crazy and insane laws out there. Feel free to share your thoughts below