Usability testing (website testing) is another way to earn some extra $$$ in your spare time.  However, let me quickly let you know that site testing job is a form of micro jobs i.e, it pays little in exchange for your online assignments. I recommend you sign up for at least 5 of them if you hope of succeeding with website testing.

What exactly does a Website Tester do?

A Website Tester is someone who gives their opinion about a random website. Some companies may require you to install software, which will enable your activity to be recorded. You may be informed to speak about the design of the site, quality, and ease-of-use.

What are the requirements for this job?

You will need to have a fast PC with high speed internet. Laptops can be used as well. Your computer needs to be equipped with a microphone and a screen capture software.
That said, each site operates differently, so there may be other small requirements as well, but a computer equipped with a microphone and a screen capture program, and of course fast internet connection should be sufficient enough for most projects.
You should also able to speak basic English and have good writing skills because some companies may ask you to write a small report after each completed test.

How much can you make?

Compensation wise, each test will pay you about $5- $10 on average, and it should not take you more than 30 minutes to complete your task. You can make more than $100 per month.

1. WhatUsersDo

Get paid to give feedback on clients’ websites. To get started fill out the application and take a sample test. Once you’ve been approved you’ll receive assignments via email. Each test takes about 20 minutes to complete and pays 8 £ or around $12.50 US dollars. Payments are made via PayPal on the 25th day of each month.

  • WhatUsersDo is open to global residents who have an active PayPal account.

2. TestingTime

Earn up to € 50 per study. Each study is conducted via Skype and usually takes 30 – 90 minutes of time. Once the study is completed, you’ll get paid within 5 – 10 days via PayPal. Testing Time is open to global residents who have internet connection and Skype installed on a computer.

  • TestingTime is open to global residents who have an active PayPal account.

3. FeedBackArmy

Make money answering questions about various websites. Tests consist of 10 questions. If you’d like to work for Feedback Army, you’ll need to sign up through Amazon Mechanical Turk. After you complete your task through Amazon Mechanical Turk, the requester will approve your work, and your money will be deposited into your Amazon Payment account.

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk is open worldwide.

4. uTest

uTest is a part of Applause network, a company that specializes in offering user testing services for websites and products.

  • Requirements: Computer, Internet connection, Webcam, Microphone.
  • Payment: Pay varies based on the project.

5. Loop 11

Make a little extra money testing websites and mobile apps with Loop 11. Most tests take 10 minutes to complete and pay $1 per test. Longer tests in the 30 – 40 minute range pay $4 to $5 per test.

  • Loop 11 is open to global residents that have an internet connection.

6. UserZoom

UserZoom is a company that conducts website usability tests for desktop and mobile platforms. Tests pay an average $5 to $10 depending on the complexity of the study. Most tests take between 10 to 20 minutes to complete, and payments are made via PayPal 10 to 14 business days after the completion of the study.

7. User Testing

New users will be subjected to a sample test before they can get accepted. A telephone can be used to record voice during this test, but you will have to use a microphone once you accept new jobs.

  • Require:ments : Computer, Internet connection, Microphone; mobile tests require iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet, Windows phone.
  • Payment: $10 web test & $15 mobile and paid into PayPal.

8. Userlytics

Userlytics is different from the rest as it insists on webcam recordings when others deem screen capture and voice recording would be suitable enough.

It says it is important to capture you as you test the websites.

  • Requirements: Computer, Internet Connection, Webcam.
  • Payment: $10 or more per test, the first Friday of the week after approval of the test.

9. Enroll

Make money by testing out websites. To enroll in the program submit your email address, password, and pick your preferred method of testing (desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone). Once you’re fully registered, you’ll receive emails when assignments are ready for you. Assignments vary in nature, as does the pay. I did one assignment that took less than a minute and it paid .10 cents. Payments are made via PayPal.

  • Open to global residents who have an active PayPal account.

10. UserFeel

The company will require you to sign up and agree to a small test before they consider your application.

Your first real test will come anytime from 7 days to 2 months upon submission for acceptance.

  • Requirements: Computer, Internet connection, Microphone.
  • Payment: $10/test into PayPal every week.

My final words are that website testing will not make you rich, but it is a neat way to get extra income for supplementary purpose.