Zoom In

This is a great tip for people who need to see to the last detail. With the new iOS 10, your iPhone can double up as a magnifying glass. All you have to do is go into Settings >  General > Accessibility to turn on magnification. Once you have done that, triple press your home button to get into the magnification mode.

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Lock Your Lens For Video Recording

The iPhone 7 plus dual camera has the advantage of giving users up to 2X optical zoom and 10X digital zoom when taking pictures. WOW! Right? You can also apply this feature when making videos. Though, it is limited to 2X optical and 6X digital zoom, which requires some automatic switching from the wide angle to the telephoto lens on your dual-eyed iPhone 7 plus. To prevent the inevitable flicker that lens switching will give, you can lock your lens by heading into Settings > Photo > camera > Record Videos and choose to lock camera lens.

Home Button

On the topic of the new home button, if you’re not quite getting on with the new haptic feedback, you can change that up. Simply go into Settings > General >Home Button to choose the click integrity you’re comfortable with.

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3D Touch More

“3D Touch More” ins’t new, but it has more useful features than ever before. 3D touching the settings icon, for example, gives you the ability to jump quickly into WiFi, cellular data and battery options without having to scroll through the “Settings” many facet. You can also 3D touch the flashlight icon in the control center to choose your light density.

Don’t Short-Circuit Your iPhone 7

The new iPhone 7 and 7 plus has no fear of water at least up to one meter of water for 30 minutes. However, there are some things you shouldn’t do after your iPhone has come up to air. Wipe it dry and don’t go charging it for at least 5 hours.  Don’t dare pop open the sim tray either-you wouldn’t want water to find it’s way in.

How to Hard Reset

It is a known ritual that turning your device off and on again solves everything. But in general, a reset works wonders and the new iPhone 7 is no different. However the new Home button isn’t mechanical anymore, this means when your iPhone gets stuck, you won’t be able to perform the traditional hard reset by pressing both the home and power button at the same time. Luckily there is a new method which is just as easy. Hold down both the power and volume down buttons till the screen turns black and the apple logo shows up to tell you that everything is OK.

The World of Awesome Widgets

Swiping to the right on your lock and/or home  screen will reveal a list of widgets- a bit-sized preview of your favorite apps which you can then jump into right away. You can scroll down to the bottom of the widget list to add/take away as many as you please or shift them up and down the list.

Get Rid of Unwanted apps

With iOS 10, users can do away with select Apple apps that they don’t want to use. Well, there is no deleting involved, as the apps are just hidden, but it’s a start, isn’t it? To hide a pre-loaded app, just press and hold it’s icon, just like you would with any other apps.

Get a Good Night Sleep Every Night

A new Bedtime toggle within the clock app is designed to help you be a much more healthier sleeper once you set it up and teach it your sleeping habits (i.e how many hours of sleep you demand at night), it will send you a daily reminder of when you should start the wind down process and head to bed along with an automatic alarm in the morning.

Siri Can Tell You Who’s Calling

This was a late addiction, but a new iOS 10 feature allows siri to announce the name or number of an incoming call. This is a helpful feature for when you are driving or simply happen to be away from your phone but hear it ringing from across the room.

Need more tips about the new iPhone 7 and its partner? Request. I’m happy to be of service.

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